“Adaptability of Agriculture and Conservation Systems in a Changing Environment”

AgroEnviron 2016

10th International Symposium on Agriculture and the Environment

May 23-27, 2016

Stewart Center, Purdue University

West Lafayette, Indiana, USA


Final Program available now!!!


Our environment continues to evolve, as factors such as global climate change and atmospheric warming alter local weather and growing conditions for agricultural crops. To some extent increasing carbon dioxide levels and higher temperatures may enhance plant growth, but other factors such as more variable and extreme precipitation events, flooding, drought, and excessively high temperatures may act to diminish crop production.  This tenth International Symposium on Agriculture and the Environment seeks to provide a forum for scientists to present new research on environmental studies, agricultural research, processes of soil erosion by wind and water, conservation policies, and innovative practices to preserve and protect the soil, water, and air resources while at the same time providing for a sustainable agriculture.

Thematic Sessions:

1.   Mitigation of and adaptation to climate change (Climate Smart Agriculture)

2.   Soil conservation under climate change, and effect of extreme weather events

3.   Modeling effects of climate change on agriculture and forestry

4.   Sediment and water source fingerprinting & measurement techniques

5.   Agricultural water conservation and water resources utilization

6.   Future sustainability of healthy soils for agricultural production

7.   Soils and diffuse pollution, and pollution control

8.   Use of the concept of connectivity to assess water and sediment transfers

9.   New technologies for agro-environmental studies

10.   Risk assessment and environmental management

11.   Science policy interface on biodiversity and ecosystem services



Meeting registration now available at: http://www.conf.purdue.edu/ae2016ge


Final Symposium Program now available here.


Information for Workshop attendees on Monday, May 23 is here.



Organizing Committee

Dennis Flanagan (chair) – USDA-ARS     Email:  flanagan@purdue.edu

Bernard Engel – Purdue University        Email:  engelb@purdue.edu

Chi-hua Huang – USDA-ARS                     Email:  chihua@purdue.edu

Darrell Norton – USDA-ARS (retired)     Email:  norton@purdue.edu



June 24, 2015 – 1st Announcement

September 21, 2015 – 2nd Announcement and Call for Abstracts  -   example abstract in Word format is here  and in PDF format here.

        Abstract submission site – Abstract submissions closed on March 15, 2016.

January 22, 2016 – 3rd Announcement, registration, and workshop information

March 15, 2016 – Abstract submission closes

April 1, 2016 – Early/author registration deadline & extended abstract / paper submission deadline

April 15, 2016 – Author notification

April 26, 2016 - Preliminary program released

May 11, 2016 – Program sent to be printed. Printed program is here.

May 19, 2016 – Final program posted online

May 23, 2016 – Pre-conference workshops & reception

May 24-27, 2016 – Symposium


Scientific Committee

Donald Gabriels - Belgium

Gunay Erpul - Turkey

Saskia Visser - Netherlands

Eusebio Ventura – Mexico

Frederic Darboux - France

Fenli Zheng – China

Alfredo De Campos – Brazil

Deyanira Lobo - Venezuela

Andreas Klik – Austria

John Quinton - UK

Thomas Cochrane – New Zealand

Hasan Ozturk – Turkey

Bofu Yu – Australia

John Zhang – USA

Jose Gomez – Spain

Carlos Mello – Brazil

P.C. Abhilash – India

Julio Alegre Orihuela – Peru




This meeting will be held concurrently with the 7th International Symposium on Gully Erosion (7th ISGE), with cross-over registration privileges and combined mid-week tour. The meetings are being jointly hosted by the USDA-ARS National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory and Purdue University. Conference facilities, lodging, and meeting registration will be provided through Purdue.


The 1st Announcement for AgroEnviron 2016 in Adobe Acrobat PDF format is here.

The 2nd Announcement for AgroEnviron 2016 in Adobe Acrobat PDF format is here.

The 3rd Announcement for AgroEnviron 2016 in Adobe Acrobat PDF format is here.

The printed Program for AgroEnviron 2016 in Adobe Acrobat PDF format is here.

Most recent updated program (5/19) for AgroEnviron 2016 is here.


The 1st Announcement for the Gully Erosion symposium is here.  The website for the 7th ISGE is here.

The 2nd Announcement for the Gully Erosion symposium is here.

The printed program for the Gully Erosion symposium is here.


Meeting registration and lodging information is now available via Purdue Conferences. You can access registration at: http://www.conf.purdue.edu/ae2016ge.  (Note: You will need to create separate accounts for abstract submission and meeting registration, due to the Purdue Libraries and Purdue Conferences being different web entities.) Full meeting registration cost is $500 US.  There will be 5 pre-conference workshops available on May 23, 2016, that you may also register for via the Purdue Conferences site at a cost of $50 each. Detailed information on the workshops is available, as well as information for registrants attending.  Please register for the symposium and any workshops as soon as possible, so that we can have accurate counts.


If you have any questions, please contact the conference chair, Dennis Flanagan, at  flanagan@purdue.edu.




The USDA-ARS National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory, on the campus of Purdue University.


Commencement ceremonies at Purdue University, on the Engineering Mall occurring every May (August, and December also).


Aerial view of part of the Purdue University campus, with the main administration building, Hodve Hall on the left and the Engineering Mall in the center. Ross-Ade football stadium is visible at the top left of the picture.


The Purdue Memorial Union, which is adjacent to the Stewart Center where the conference will be held.