Sustaining the Global farm

Selected papers from the 10th International Soil Conservation Organization Meeting


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Previous ISCO Meetings and Publications

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Table of Contents

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Preface                                                                                                                                                                                                        vii-viii

Table of Contents                                                                                                                                                                                        ix-xix


Keynote: Opening Welcome to the Meeting

Mark A. Nearing


Keynote: Closing Remarks -- Sustaining the Global Farm -- An Action Agenda

Samir El-Swaify


I. Sustaining the Global Farm

Keynote: Achieving Sustainability - The Institutional Imperatives

David Sanders


Keynote: Global Partnerships to Sustain Land Use

Bruce H. Moore


Keynote: Sustaining the Global Farm – A Farmer’s View

Michael Sutherland


Keynote: A Farmer’s View

Saj Sibanyoni


Funding the Future: Are the Facts Correct?

T.F. Shaxson


Global Desertification Tension Zones

Hari Eswaran, Paul Reich, and Fred Beinroth


How and Why the Brazilian Zero Tillage Explosion Occurred

John N. Landers


Estimating Soil Productivity Loss Due to Erosion in Uruguay in Terms of Beef and Wool Production on Natural Pastures

Fernando García-Préchac and A. Durán


Factors that Cause Deterioration of the Land in Province “Los Andes” (North Bolivian High Plateau)

Javier G. Villegas


Important and Controversial Watershed Management Issues in Developing Countries

Ted C. Sheng


Participatory Land and Water Management: Silsoe Research Institute’s Experiences from Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa

Brian G. Sims, Steve J. Twomlow and Jim Ellis-Jones


Sustainable Soil Management: A Framework for Analysis

Jennie Popp, Dana Hoag, and James Ascough, II


II. Social, Economic and Policy Elements of Conservation

Keynote: Conservation is for Business - Self-Help Groups in Kenya

R J Cheatle and T F Shaxson


Keynote: Environmental Protection verses Restoration: A Model for Policy Decisions

Sara J. Scherr


Keynote: Soil Conservation Policies in the State of Parana, Brazil - The Role of Agricultural Research and Development to Attain Sustainability

Osmar Muzilli


Paso del Norte Sustainable Water Use Strategy

Ed Hamlyn


Ecologically Sustainable Soil: The Role of Environmental Policy and Legislation

Ian Hannam


Enabling Long-Term impact of Soil Conservation Through Farmer-Driven Extension

Roland Bunch


Environmental McCarthyism and the Precautionary Principle - Learning from the past while addressing current dilemmas

D. Brook Harker and Brian McConkey


Agri-environmental Programs and the Use of Soil Conservation Measures in Germany

Bernhard Osterburg


A Management System for Soil Conservation on the Hilly-Rolling Relief of Lithuania

B. Jankauskas


Land Tenure and Soil Conservation Practices - Evidence From West Africa and Southeast Asia

Andreas Neef


Structural Adjustment Program and Soil Erosion: A Bio-Economic Modeling Approach for Northern Benin

J. Senahoun, F. Heidhues, and D. Deybe


Characteristics and Socio-Economic Evaluation of Two Indigenous Soil and Water Conservation Systems

B. Kayombo, H.O. Dihenga, and J.Ellis-Jones


The Farmer’s View:  How Seeing the Local Landscape Defines On-Farm Conservation

R.I. Beilin


Poverty Alleviation and Resource Conservation Through Integrated Watershed Management in a Fragile Foot-Hill Ecosystem

S.S. Grewel, A.S. Dogra, and T.C. Jai


III. Local Action for Land Stewardship

Keynote: Land Care In Australia

Michael Sutherland and Brian Scarsbrick


Soil and Water Conservation Strategies on the Red and Yellow Soils of South China

Huaxing Li, Xinming Zhang, Xichong Chen, and Weisheng Lu


Facilitating Better Linkages Between Hill-Tribe Communities and Government Agencies with Digitized Land Use Maps in Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand

Oliver Puginier


Land Resource Constraints for Sustainable Agriculture in Thailand

P. Moncharoen, T. Vearasilp, and H. Eswaran


Impact of Upland Agriculture and Conservation Project (UACP) on Sustainable Agriculture Development in Serang Watershed, Indonesia

Naik Sinukaban


Participatory Soil and Water Conservation in India - Experiences from the KRIBHCO Indo-British Rainfed Farming Project

Paul D. Smith


Selection of Soil Conservation Measures in the Indonesian Regreening Program

Fahmuddin Agus


Fodder Dissemination for Soil Conservation and Cash Generation in the Central Kenyan Highlands

M.K. O’Neill, P.K. Tuwei, G.M. Karanja, and B. Okoba


Sustainable Agricultural Enterprises in Two Districts in Uganda

Nkuba R. Michael


Soil Pollution Patterns in Terrestrial Ecosystems of the Kola Peninsula, Russia

Serguei V. Koptsik, and Galina N. Koptsik


Spectral Reflectance as a Tool to Study Soils in Semi-Arid Regions

E.I. Karavanova


Monitoring Water and Sediment Yield In Mediterranean Mountainous Watersheds: Preliminary Results

J. Rius, R. Batalla, and R.M. Poch


Role of Kenyan Women’s Groups in Community Based Soil and Water Conservation

Margaret J. Kamar


IV. Land Use Influences

Keynote: The Development and Future of Direct Seed Cropping Systems in Argentina. Explaining some of the Economic, Agronomic, Environmental, Social and Sustainability Benefits that Support the Process

Roberto A. Peiretti


Keynote: Frontiers in Conservation Tillage and Advances in Conservation Practice

Rolf Derpsch


Factors Affecting Agricultural Sustainability in the Pacific Northwest, USA: An Overview

D. K. McCool, D. R. Huggins, K. E. Saxton, and A. C. Kennedy


Grazing, Burning, and Drought Influences on Rangeland Ecosystem Sustainability

W. E. Emmerich and R. K. Heitschmidt


Effects of Erosion and Manure Applications on Corn Production

F.J. Arriaga and B. Lowery


Relating Crop Yields to Physiographic Attributes in Ohio Through Principal Component Analysis

E. Salchow and R. Lal


Crop Residue Management Increases Dryland Grain Sorghum Yields in a Semiarid Region

Paul W. Unger and R. Louis Baumhardt


Saturated Transport of Atrazine Under Two Tillage System

Alton B. Johnson


Sustainable Land Use: An Interdisciplinary Demonstration Project in Northeast Germany

T. Kalettka, K. Helming, H. Kächele, A. Khorkov, K. Müller, and H.-J. Philipp


Agricultural Field State and Runoff Risk: Proposal of a Simple Relation for the Silty-Loam-Soil Context of the Pays de Caux (France)

Philippe Martin, François Papy, and Alain Capillon


Influence of Cultural Practices on Sheetflow, Sediment and Pesticide Transport: The Case of Corn Cultivation Under Plastic Mulching

C. Gascuel-Odoux, F. Garnier, and D. Heddadj


Evaluating the Biodiversity of Almond Cultivars From a Germplasm Collection Field in Southern Italy

D. De Giorgio and G.B. Polnigano


Soil Losses Caused by Chicory Root and Sugar Beet Harvesting in Belgium: Importance and Implications

Jean W.A. Poesen, Gert Verstraeten, Leen Seynaeve, and Ruben Soenens


Feasibility of Agroforestry for Sugarcane Production and Soil Conservation in Brazil

L.F.G. Pinto, M.S. Bernardes, G. Sparovek, and G.M.S. Camara


Monitoring the Sediment Loading of Itaipu Lake and Modeling of Sheet and Rill Erosion Hazards in the Watershed of Parana River:  An Outline of the Project

L.D. Norton, C. Castro Filho, T.C. Cochrane, J.H. Caviglione, H.M. Fontes Jr., L.P. Johanson, and L.D. Marenda


Abstract Soil Conservation Perspectives of Road Infrastructure within a Development Context in South Africa

H.R. Beckedahl, T.R. Hill, and M. Moodley


Influence of Cabbage Growth on Ridge Erosion

Takahiro Shiono, Azuma Takagi, Chikara Ogura, and Ken-ichiro Kamimura


Biological Restoration of a Degraded Alfisol in the Humid Tropics Using Planted Woody Fallow: Synthesis of 8-Year-Results

G. Tian, F.K. Salako, F. Ishida, and J. Zhang


Hydrological Implications of Planting Bluegum in Natural Shola and Grassland Watersheds of Southern India

J.S. Samra, A.K. Sikka, and V.N. Sharda


Simulated Nitrogen Loading from Corn, Sorghum, and Soybean Production in the Upper Mississippi Valley

Jay D. Atwood, Verel W. Benson, R. Srinivasan, Clive Walker, and Erwin Schmid


Monitoring land use changes in the Nam Phung Valley of Lom Kao District in Thailand

C.D. Dedzoe, B.A. Raji, and M. Staljanssens


Factors Enhancing the Terrace Use in the Highlands of Kabale District, Uganda

Richard Miiro


Reduced Tillage Problem in the New Conditions of Romanian Agriculture

Vergil Gangu, Mihail-Florian Neacsu, and Iosif Cojocaru


Conservation Tillage Systems for Spring Corn in the Semihumid to Arid Areas of China

Cai Dianxiong, Wang Xiaobin,  Zhang Zhitian,  Gao Xuke, and Zhang Jingqing


Effects of Nitrification Inhibitor on Nitrate Leaching in Cotton Production Systems

R. K. Malik and K. C. Reddy


Overwinter Changes to Vehicle Ruts and Natural Rills and Effects on Soil Erosion Potential

Lawrence W. Gatto


V. Erosion Control

Polyacrylamide: A Review of the Use, Effectiveness, and Cost of a Soil Erosion Control Amendment

V. Steven Green and D.E. Stott


On-farm Assessment of Contour Hedges for Soil and Water Conservation in Central Kenya

S.D. Angima, M.K. O’Neill, and D.E. Stott


Contour Hedgerows of Calliandra calothyrsus Meissn. for Soil and Water Conservation in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica

M.A. McDonald, P.A. Stevens, and J.R. Healey


Research and practical experiences with vegetative barriers for water erosion control in Venezuela

Oscar S. Rodríguez and Onelia Andrade


Early Growth Performance of Sixteen Populations of Faidherbia albida in Semi Arid Baringo District of Kenya

O.G. Dangasuk, S. Gudu, and J.R. Okalebo


Land Application of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizer for Corn in Dryland Farming Region of North China

Wang Xiaobin, Cai Dianxiong, and Zhang Jingqing


Mangrove Structure on the Eastern Coast of Samar Island, Philippines

Antonio B. Mendoza and Danilo P. Alura


New Initiatives to Control Soil Erosion In England

Roger J. Unwin


Rainfall-Runoff Harvesting for Controlling Erosion and Sustaining Upland Agriculture Development

I. Sumarjo Gatot, J. Duchesne, F. Forest, P. Perez, C. Cudennec, T. Prasetyo, and S. Karama


Use of Compost and Sewage Sludge with Different Tillage Treatments for Sustained Soil Protection

Thorsten Hoss, Rolf-Alexander Düring, and Stefan Gäth


Designing Research to Improve Runoff and Erosion Control Practices:  Example, Grass Hedges

L. D. Meyer, S. M. Dabney, and W. D. Kemper


Use of Some Natural Plant Species for Erosion Control in Southern Turkey

Mehmet Aydin, Ismail Celik, and Aytekin Berkman


See also:  

Erosion Control by Amending Soil with Synthetic Gypsum

B.H. Wallace, L.D. Norton and R. Woodward


VI. Carbon Sequestration

Keynote: Soil Conservation For C Sequestration

R. Lal


Carbon Sequestration in a Plowed and No-Tillage Chronosequence in a Brazilian Oxisol

João Carlos de M. Sá, Carlos C. Cerri , Warren A. Dick, Rattan Lal, Solismar P. Venske Filho, Marisa C. Piccolo , Brigitte E. Feigl


Erosion Effects on Soil Organic Carbon Pool in Soils of Iowa

J.M. Kimble, R. Lal, and M. Mausbach


Soil and Crop Management and the Greenhouse Gas Budget of Agroecosystems in Canada

R.L. Desjardins, W.N. Smith, B. Grant, H. Janzen, S. Gameda and J. Dumanski


Effects of Conservation Tillage on Soil Organic Carbon Dynamics: Field Experiments in the U.S. Corn Belt

D.C. Reicosky


Regional-Scale Analysis of Soil Microbial Biomass and Soil Basal CO2-Respiration in Northeastern Germany

Stephan J. Wirth


Soil Carbon Enhancement in Graded and Ungraded Reclaimed Minesoil Under Forest and Pasture in Ohio, USA

V.A. Akala and R. Lal


Land Use Effects on Soil Carbon Pools in Two Major Land Resource Areas of Ohio, USA

A. Lantz, R. Lal, and J. Kimble


Carbon Concentrations and Transport in Sediment Leaving Small, Cropped Watersheds

L.B. Owens, R.W. Malone, G.C. Starr, and R. Lal


Global Climate Change: Implications of Extreme Events for Soil Conservation Strategies and Crop Production in the Midwestern United States

Anne N. Williams, Mark Nearing, Mike Habeck, Jane Southworth, Rebecca Pfeifer, Otto C. Doering, Jess Lowenberg-Deboer, J.C. Randolph, and Michael A. Mazzocc


See also:  

Potential of Conservation Tillage to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emission in Australian Soils

H.B. So; R.C. Dalal; K.Y. Chan; N.M. Menzies, and D.M. Freebairn



VII. Biological, Chemical & Physical Properties of Soils

Keynote: The Secret to Making Soil Conservation Successful:  Short-Term Benefits

Roland Bunch


Keynote: Monitoring Progress Towards Sustainable Land Management

Julian Dumanski and Christian Pieri


Locally Led Conservation Activities: Developing a Soil Quality Assessment Tool

A. J. Tugel, S. Seiter, D. Friedman, J. Davis, R. P. Dick, D. McGrath, and R. R. Wei


Identification and Interpretation of Regional Soil Quality Factors for the Central High Plains of the Midwestern USA

John J. Brejda and Thomas B. Moorman


Development of Soil Hydraulic Pedotransfer Functions on a European scale: their usefulness in the assessment of soil quality

A. Nemes, J.H.M. Wösten, and A. Lilly


Development of a Soil Quality Index for the Chalmers Silty Clay Loam from the Midwest USA

M. Diack and D.E. Stott


Quantifying the Spatial Patterns of Soil Redistribution and Soil Quality on two Contrasting Hillslopes

Y. Li, M.J. Lindstrom, M. Frielinghaus, and H.R. Bork


Soil Quality of Very Fragile Sandy Soils From Southern Brazil

Telmo J.C. Amado, Dalvan J. Reinert, and J. Miguel Reichert


Global Assessment of Land Quality

Fred H. Beinroth, Hari Eswaran, and Paul F. Reich


Role of a Saprophytic Basidiomycete Soil Fungus in Aggregate Stabilization

T. C. Caesar-TonThat and V.L. Cochran


Effects of Exchangeable Ca:Mg Ratio on Soil Clay Flocculation, Infiltration and Erosion

Katerina Dontsova and L. Darrell Norton


Effects of Soil Strength, Texture, Slope Steepness and Rainfall Intensity on Interrill Erosion of Some Soils in Taiwan

Jen-Chen Fan and Min-Fon Wu


Use of the Chain Set for Scale-Sensitive and Erosion-Relevant Measurement of Soil Surface Roughness

S.D. Merrill, C. Huang, T.M. Zobeck, and D.L. Tanaka


Interrill and Rill Erosion on a Tropical Sandy Loam Soil Affected by Tillage and Consolidation

J. Miguel Reichert, Marcos J. Schäfer, Elemar A. Cassol, and L. Darrell Norton


Characterization of the Stages of Soil Resilience to Degradative Stresses: Erosion

M.M. Tenywa, R. Lal, and M.J.G. Majaliwa


Experimental Study of Nutrient Runoff from Purple Soils in the Three Gorges Area

Cai Chongfa, Ding Shuwen, Huang Li, and Cai Qiangguo


Crop Productivity and Surface Soil Properties of a Severely Wind-Eroded Soil

T. M. Zobeck and J. D. Bilbro


Organic Matter Formation in Post Mining Soils in Central Poland

Gilewska Mirosława, Bender Jan, and Drzymała Stanisław


Assessment of Soil Quality for Biodiversity Conservation in Boreal Forest Ecosystems

Galina N. Koptsik, Serguei V. Koptsik, and Svetlana Yu Livantsova


The Impact of Deep Rooted Plants on the Qualities of Compacted Soils

Jaan Kuht and Endla Reintam


A Morphology Index for Soil Quality Evaluation of Near-Surface Mineral Horizons

R.B. Grossman, D.S. Harms, C.A. Seybold, and M.T. Sucik


Spatial Variability of Soil Properties along a Transect of CRP and Continuously Cropped Land

Xuewen Huang, E.L. Skidmore, and G. Tibke


Rehabilitation of the Soil Quality of a Degraded Peat site

U. Schindler and L. Müller


Changes in Physical and Chemical Properties of Fen Soils Induced by Long-term Drainage, Followed by Recent Rewetting

Jutta Zeitz and Andreas Gensior


Spectral Reflectivity as a Diagnostic Criteria of the Degree of Erosion of the Gray Forest Soils

E.I. Karavanova, N. P. Sorokina, and E. A. Kudelina


Erosion Intensity Evaluated from Microtopographic Soil Erosion Features, its Correlation with Conservation Practice, Presence of Fertilizer, and Erosion Development between Alley Cropping Hedges

Ir. Eelko Bergsma


Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) Spore Abundance is affected by Wastewater Pollution in Soils of Mezquital Valley in Central Mexico

M.P. Ortega-Larrocea


Farmers’ Resource Levels, Soil Properties and Productivity in Kenya’s Central Highlands

Mira Ovuka and Anders Ekbom



VIII. Erosion Processes: Water, Wind, Irrigation, Tillage & Mechanical

Developments in Measurement and Models for Suspension-Dominated Wind Erosion

David Chandler and Keith Saxton


Evaluating WEPP Predicted On-field Furrow Irrigation Erosion

David L. Bjorneberg and Thomas J. Trout


Hydraulic Modeling of Irrigation-Induced Furrow Erosion

Theodor S. Strelkoff and David L. Bjorneberg


Influence of Irrigation Water Properties on Furrow Infiltration: Temperature Effects

R. D. Lentz and D.L. Bjorneberg


Sediment Transport in Irrigation Furrows

Thomas J. Trout


Study of Sediment Transport in Shallow Channel Flows

D. Pal, S. N. Prasad, and M. J. M. Römkens


Relation Between Soil Erosion and Sediment Yield in Catchment Scale

Ch. Seiberth


Effect of Runoff and Sediment from Hillslope on Gully Slope In the Hilly Loess Region, North China

Cai Qiangguo


Effects of Up-Slope Runoff on Erosion Processes At Down-Slope Shallow Gully Erosion Areas

Fen-Li Zheng and Xue-Tian Gao


Assessment of Wind Erosion Parameters Using Wind Tunnels

Lawrence J. Hagen


TEAM:  The Texas Tech Wind Erosion Analysis Model

James M. Gregory, Roel Vining, Lawrence Peck, and. Kent Wofford


Soil Born Dust Release from Polluted Industrial Derelict Land and Deposition in the Ruhr Area (Germany)

Silke Höke & Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Burghardt


Wind Erosion Estimates with RWEQ and WEQ

D.W. Fryrear, P.L. Sutherland, G. Davis, G. Hardee, and M. Dollar


Wind Erosion and Air Quality Research in the Northwest U.S. Columbia Plateau: Organization and Progress

Keith Saxton, David Chandler, and William Schillinger


Wind Speed Effects on Rain Erosivity

Katharina Helming


Tillage-Induced Erosion in the Humid Tropics: Rates, Effects on Soil Properties, and Approaches to Reduce It

B. B. Thapa, D. K. Cassel, and D. P. Garrity


Slope Length Effects on Soil Loss for Steep Slopes

B.Y. Liu, M.A. Nearing, P.J. Shi, and Z.W. Jia


Soil Erosion of an Indurated Volcanic Soil from the Semiarid Area of the Valley of Mexico

Eusebio Ventura, Jr., L. Darrell Norton; Jose L. Oropeza, and Benjamin Figueroa


Rocks and Rills: The Impact of Rock Fragments on Soil Loss by Concentrated Flow Erosion in Laboratory Experiments

Dirk Rieke-Zapp, M.A. Nearing, and J. Poesen


Measurement of Erodibility for Soils in Subtropical China by Simulated and Natural Rainfall

Shi Xuezheng and Yu Dongsheng


Assessment of Erodibility, Runoff and Infiltration in an Uruguayan Vertisol

Carlos Victoria, Aarón Kacevas, and Héctor Fiori


Impacts of Mechanization on Surface Erosion and Mass Movements in Vineyards of the Anoia-Alt-Penedes Area (Catalonia-Spain)

Ildefonso Pla Sentís and  Silvana Nacci Sulbarán


Soil Pollution by Acid Rains and Heavy Metals in Zlatna Region, Romania

R. Lacatusu, M. Dumitru, I. Risnoveanu, C. Ciobanu, Mihaela Lungu, S. Carstea,
Beatrice Kovacsovics, and Carmen Baciu


Potential of Conservation Tillage to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emission in Australian Soils

H.B. So; R.C. Dalal; K.Y. Chan; N.M. Menzies, and D.M. Freebairn


Deposition Diagram studies - The Residual Erosion Potential of Soils

I. Sisak, M. Palkovics, and K. Plotar


A Comparison of Rain Erosivity Parameters for Predicting Soil Detachment on Interrills

Christian Salles, Jean Poesen, and Gerard Govers


Global Dimensions of Vulnerability to Wind and Water Erosion

Paul Reich, Hari Eswaran, and Fred Beinroth


IX. Erosion Models

Keynote: Soil Erosion Prediction Technology for Conservation Planning

George R. Foster


Soil Erosion Models and Implications for Conservation of Sloping Tropical Lands

C.W. Rose


From Plot to Continent: Reconciling Fine and Coarse Scale Erosion Models

Mike Kirkby


How WEPP Model Responds to Different Cropping and Management Systems

X.C. Zhang, M.A. Nearing, and L.D. Norton


WEPP Simulated Tillage Effects on Runoff and Sediment Losses in a Corn-Soybean Rotation

A.Z.H. Ranaivoson, S.C. Gupta, and J.F. Moncrief


Updating Slope Topography During Erosion Simulations with the Water Erosion Prediction Project

Jingcai Zhu, Seth M. Dabney, and Dennis C. Flanagan


Incorporating Surface Crusting and its Spatial Organization in Runoff and Erosion Modeling at the Watershed Scale

V. Souchere, O. Cerdan, Y. Le Bissonnais, A. Couturier, D. King, and F. Papy


Quantitative Field Estimations of Stickiness and Plasticity for Predicting WEPP Model Parameters

Donald F. Post, RaeAnn Papp, and Laerte Ferreira


Application and Adaptation of WEPP to the Traditional Farming Systems of the Ethiopian Highlands

Gete Zeleke


RUSLE Estimates of Soil Erosion in Cotton Production Systems in North Alabama

E. Z. Nyakatawa, K.C. Reddy, and J.L. Lemunyon


Using Fuzzy Logic-Based Modeling to Improve the Performance of the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation

L.T. Tran, M.A. Ridgley, M.A. Nearing, L. Duckstein, and R. Sutherland


The USLE-M and Modeling Erosion Within Catchments

Peter I.A. Kinnell


Re-interpretation of USLE Datasets for Physically Based Erosion Models with Examples From Southern China and Northern Thailand

B. Yu, C.W. Rose, D. Yin, and C. Anecksamphat


Application of WEPS Generated Soil Loss Components to Assess Off-site Impacts

L.E. Wagner and L. J. Hagen


Wind Erosion Monitoring and Modeling Techniques in Australia

John Leys, Grant McTainsh, and Yaping Shaos


GPFARM: An Integrated Decision Support System for Sustainable Great Plains Agriculture

James C. Ascough II, Marvin J. Shaffer, Dana L. Hoag, Gregory S. McMaster, Lajpat R. Ahuja, and Mark A. Weltz


Rapid Indicator-Based Soil Mapping for Regional Planning in Northern Thailand

Horst Vogel, Taweesak Vearasilp, Kanitasri Hoontrakul, Sumitra Wattana, and Dagmar Bolsmann


GULTEM - The Model to Predict Gully Thermoerosion and Erosion (Theoretical Framework)

Aleksey Sidorchuk


Actions Against Soil Erosion at The Single Field and the Catchment Scale Guided by Computer Simulation

J. Schmidt, W. Schmidt, M.v. Werner, and A. Michael


A Non-parametric Analysis of Qualitative and Quantitative Data for Erosion Modeling: A Case Study for Ethiopia

B.G.J.S. Sonneveld, M.A. Keyzer and P.J. Albersen


Applying the SWAT Model as a Decision Support Tool for Land Use Concepts in Peripheral Regions in Germany

N. Fohrer, K.  Eckhardt, S.  Haverkamp, and H.-G. Frede


The Usefulness of a New Model for the Gully-Control Structures Effects Prediction

Lucia Otlacan Nedelcu


Finite Element Modeling of Erosion on Agricultural Lands

V.N. Sharda and Mark Nearing


Development of the Long Term Hydrologic Impact Assessment (LTHIA) WWW Systems

Kyoung Jae Lim, Bernard A. Engel, Youngsug Kim, Budhendra Bhaduri, and Jon Harbor


Testing the Ephemeral Gully Erosion Model (EGEM) in Mediterranean Environments

J. Nachtergaele, J. Poesen, L. Vandekerckhove, D. Oostwoud Wijdenes, and M. Roxo



See also:  

Multiscale Simulation of Land Use Impact on Soil Erosion and Deposition Patterns
Helena Mitasova, Lubos Mitas, and William M. Brown


X. Soil Survey, Erosion Surveys, Tracers

The Early Soil Survey: Engine for the Soil Conservation Movement

Douglas Helms

Assessment of Soil Erosion at the Watershed Scale From 137Cs Measurements

Claude Bernard and Marc R. Laverdière

Comparing Erosion and Redeposition Rates and Patterns Upslope of a Grass Hedge Determined Using 137Cesium and Field Survey Techniques

Jerry C. Ritchie

New Nuclear Methods for Studies of Soil Dynamics Utilizing Cosmic Ray Produced Radionuclides

Devendra Lal

Predicting Hillslope Scale Erosion on Disturbed Landscapes From
Laboratory Scale Measurements

H.B. So, G.J. Sheridan, C.P. Horn, and N. Currey

Use of Fly Ash as Time Marker in Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Studies

By K. R. Olson and R. L. Jones

Regionalization Methods for Watershed Management - Hydrology and Soil Erosion from Point to Regional Scales

Chris S. Renschler, Tom Cochrane, Jon Harbor, Bernd Diekkrüger

Map of Soil Vulnerability and Degradation in Estonia

Loit Reintam, Igna Rooma, and Ain Kull

Identification of Severely Eroded Soils From Remote Sensing Data Tested in Rišňovce, Slovakia

Emil Fulajtar

A GIS-based Methodology for Soil Degradation Evaluation

Rami Zurayk, Faraj el Awar Christine Sayegh, Shady Hamadeh and Abdel Ghani Chehab

Estimation of Soil Erosion Using Remote Sensing and GIS, its Valuation and Economic Implications on Agricultural Production

Manzul Kumar Hazarika and Kiyoshi Honda


XI. Water Conservation and Quality

The Mississippi Delta MSEA Program

S.M. Dabney, R. A. Rebich, and J.W. Pote


Linking Intensive Monitoring Sites to Conservation Planning

J.L. Hatfield, P. Heilman, and M. Adkins


Cooperation Between USDA and Bulgaria in Agro-environmental Water Quality Programs

Dimitar Stoichev, Marvin Shaffer, James Starr, Jerrell Lemunyon, Dimitranka Stoicheva, Milena Kercheva, and Venelina Kolev


Comparison of Root-Water-Uptake Models

K.Y. Li, R. De Jong, and J.B. Boisvert


A Comparison of Manual and Computer-Assisted Drainage Delineation Methods for Hydrologic-Unit Map Development

Gregory P. Stanton


Spatial Patterns in Water Use Efficiency Created by Intensive Cultivation on Semi-arid Hillslopes

Bas van Wesemael, Mark Mulligan, and Jean Poesen


Rationally Utilizing Water Resources to Control Soil Salinity in Irrigation Districts

Fang Sheng Chen Xiuling


Water Conservation, Harvesting and Management (WCHM) - Kenyan Experience

Kithinji Mutunga


Water Balance Components in the Canadian Mixed Wood Ecozone

R. De Jong  and K.B. MacDonald


Participatory Evaluation of Water Harvesting Techniques for Establishing Improved Mango Varieties in Smallholder Farms of Mbeere District, Kenya

Jayne Mugwe, Mick O’Neill, Samuel Gachanja, Jonathan Muriuki, and Jack Mwangi


XII. Late Arriving Papers

Erosion Control by Amending Soil with Synthetic Gypsum

B.H. Wallace, L.D. Norton and R. Woodward


Multiscale Simulation of Land Use Impact on Soil Erosion and Deposition Patterns

Helena Mitasova, Lubos Mitas, and William M. Brown





Supplemental Documents

Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 10th Meeting of the International Soil Conservation Organization


Guidebook for the Mid-week Field tour