Soil Erosion Research for the 21st Century

Some Photo Images from the Symposium



Ala Moana Hotel                                 Sunset View of Pacific Ocean from Hotel Balcony


Below are links to a large number of photo images pertaining to the Symposium. 


Keynote Speakers:  John Stout,  Gerard Govers,  Samir El-Swaify


Panel Moderators:  John Leys,  John Boardman,  Chia-Chun Joseph Wu


Symposium Chairman:  Dennis Flanagan


Organizing Committee:  Small Images Click Here,  Larger Images Click Here


Opening Plenary Session:  Keynote Speaker John Stout


ASAE Registration Area:  Registration Desk,  Coffee Breaks


Exhibitors*:       National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory,   Stan Livingston

                        Soil and Water Conservation Society

                        Belton Industries

                        Earth Saver




Poster Session Photos:  image1,   image2,   image3,   image4,   image5,   image6,   image7,   image8,   image9,   image10


Erosion Computer Model Demonstrations:

WEPP Model Demo

            WEPS Model Demo

            RUSLE2 Model Demo

            MOSES Model Demo


Technical Tour of Oahu:

  1. Sumida Watercress Farm (Pearl City),  photo2,   photo3
  2. Ewa and Pearl Harbor (Neil Blaisdell Park),  photo2,  photo3,  photo4,  photo5,  photo6,  photo7
  3. Severe Erosion Problems,   photo2,   photo3
  4. Soil Profile:  photo1,  photo2,   photo3,   photo4,   photo5,   photo6,   photo7,   photo8
  5. Dole Plantation,  photo2,   photo3,   photo4
  6. Pineapple agriculture,  photo2,   photo3,   photo4,   photo5
  7. North shore -Kaiaka Beach Park,   photo2,   photo3,   photo4,   photo5,  photo6
  8. Waialua Coffee,   photo2,   photo3



Banquet Luncheon:  Meal-1,  Meal-2,  Introduction,  Speaker-1,  Speaker-2,  Speaker-3


Post-Conference Tour of Island of Hawaii:

  1. Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Orchard:  Image1,  Image2,  Image3,  Image4,  Image5
  2. Amaulu Tropical Tree Fruit Orchard:  Image1,  Image2,  Image3,  Image4,  Image5
  3. Akaka Falls:  Image1,  Image2,  Image3,  Image4,   Image5,  Image6
  4. Paauilo forestry plantings by Prudential Timber:  Image1,  Image2,  Image3,  Image4,  Image5
  5. Scenary out the bus windows:  Image1,  Image2,   Image3,  Image4,   Image5,   Image6,   Image7,   Image8,   Image9
  6. Lalamilo Farm Lots - irrigated vegetable crop production:  Image1,  Image2,  Image3,  Image4,   Image5,  Image6,  Image7,   Image8,   Image9
  7. Kawaihae - highly erodible Aridisol:  Image1,  Image2,  Image3,  Image4,   Image5
  8. Lava fields on route to Kona:  Image1,  Image2,  Image3,   Image4,   Image5
  9. End of tour at Keahole-Kona airport:  Image1,  Image2



Miscellaneous Photos:

1.       View of Waikiki beach and Diamond Head

2.       View of Honolulu from summit of Diamond Head: Image1,  Image2

3.       Sunset over the Pacific Ocean.





NOTE:  If any Symposium participants have additional photos of activities not represented here (for example, plenary sessions, technical lecture sessions, reception, panel sessions, small group discussions, etc.), please send them to Dennis Flanagan ( and they will be included within this page.  Thanks.


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