Soil Erosion Research for the 21st Century

Organizing Committee



Dennis C. Flanagan, Chairman                                 Larry C. Kramer, Vice-Chairman

USDA-Agricultural Research Service, USA                                 USDA-Agricultural Research Service, USA



James C. Ascough II                                                 John Boardman

Publications Chair & Proceedings Editor                 Discussion Panel Chair

USDA-Agricultural Research Service, USA                                 University of Oxford, United Kingdom



Samir A. El-Swaify                                                     William J. Elliot

Local Arrangements Chair/Keynote                         Committee Member

University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA                                                USDA-Forest Service, USA




David T. Favis-Mortlock                                           Roger Funk

Committee Member                                                  Discussion Panel Member

Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom                            Institute of Soil Landscape Research, Germany



William A. Hughey                                                     Prasanta K. Kalita

Committee Member                                                  Chair - Volunteered Presentations

USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, USA               University of Illinois, USA



Peter I.A. Kinnell                                                       Andreas Klik

Discussion Panel Member                                        Discussion Panel Member

University of Canberra, Australia                                                   University of Agricultural Sciences, Austria



John M. Laflen                                                          John Leys

Rap Session Leader                                                  Discussion Panel Chair

Purdue University, USA                                                                     Gunnedah Research Center, Australia



Manuel R. Reyes                                                      Ramesh P. Rudra

Publicity Chair                                                            Committee Member

North Carolina A&T State University, USA                                  University of Guelph, Canada



Gerd Sparovek                                                           Geert Sterk

Committee Member                                                  Co-Chair Invited Presentations

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil                                          & Discussion Panelist

                                                                Wageningen University, The Netherlands



Larry C. Wagner                                                        Chia-Chun Joseph Wu

Committee Member                                                  Finance Chairman &

USDA-Agricultural Research Service, USA                         Discussion Panel Chair

                                                Natl. Pingtung Univ. of Sciences & Tech., Taiwan



Daniel C. Yoder                                                         Brenda West

Co-Chair Invited Presentations                                ASAE Meetings Director

University of Tennessee, USA                                                          American Society of Agric. Engrs., USA