Photos from Dedication Ceremony for


ASAE Historic Landmark of Agricultural Engineering

 for the development of the

Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE)




 Walt Wischmeier’s son & family at poster.                          ABE display board.                             Wischmeiers with ASAE Marker.        Jon, Shelly, & Dennis Wischmeier, Dr. Huggins






                                                       Welcome by Dr. Vince Bralts.                               






                                        Purdue University School of Agriculture Dean, Vic Lechtenberg





                                                   ARS Deputy Administrator, Dr. Dwayne Buxton                                                





.                                                     NRCS Deputy Chief, Dr. Maurice Mausbach          







                                                                        ASAE Representative Dr. Larry Huggins





       Dr. Huggins unveiling Historic Landmark marker.                  ASAE Historic Landmark for USLE.                        Historic Landmark Plaque.













Dr. Don Meyer recalling work with Walt Wischmeier and others during the early days of the Center (1954 – 1965).








Dr. Matt Romkens describing his reminiscences of Walt Wischmeier and USLE after 1965.






        (L-R) Speakers Maurice Mausbach, Dwayne Buxton, Larry Huggins, Don Meyer and Matt Romkens.
















                                                                       Guests at the ceremony.






Historic Landmark Plaque permanently displayed in front of the National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory.