Soil Erosion Research for the 21st Century

An International Symposium sponsored by ASAE

was held at the



Ala Moana Hotel

Honolulu, Hawaii

January 3-5, 2001




Adopted by ASAE in December 2002

ASAE Position Paper on Erosion Research Priorities



From the Meeting in Honolulu - January 3-5 2001

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Soil erosion caused by water and/or wind is a continuing problem throughout the world that threatens the capacity of the Earth to produce food, fiber, and renewable sources of energy for an ever-increasing population. Additionally, eroded sediment is a major air and water pollutant, causing many detrimental off-site impacts. This symposium provided a forum for participants to discuss the current status and the future of soil erosion research.



The symposium program included volunteered presentations, invited presentations, a technical tour, panel discussions, and discussion groups. Over 180 volunteered presentations were split between oral lecture and one-on-one poster format. All presenters provided a 2-4 page single-spaced final camera-ready paper for publication in the symposium proceedings. Over 200 erosion researchers and soil conservationists from 30 countries attended the meeting.


The symposium invited several world-renowned soil erosion scientists as keynote speakers, as well as moderators of discussion panels, to provide their viewpoints on the current status of soil erosion research and directions needed in the future. Additionally, discussion groups composed of all participants at the conference also address these same issues. The symposium will prepare and publish a document summarizing recommendations from these discussions, and provide it to all of the co-sponsoring organizations. See the program overview, full advance program, and final on-site program documents for details on the Symposium program and speakers.



        Experimental Soil Erosion Process Research

        On-site and Off-site Impacts of Soil Erosion

        Measurement Techniques in Soil Erosion Research

        Erosion Control Practices

        Modeling Climatic, Hydrologic and Soil Erosion Processes

        Application of Soil Erosion Models to Agricultural & Non-Agricultural Lands

        Soil Erosion Prediction, Environmental Regulation and Land Use Planning



The Soil Erosion Research Symposium was held at the same time and location as the ASAE-sponsored International Symposium on Preferential Flow. Registrants for each symposium had cross-over privileges to attend sessions of interest in the concurrent conference. For information on the International Symposium on Preferential Flow, contact Dr. Adel Shirmohammadi.


For symposium information contact:

Dr. Dennis Flanagan, Symposium Chair

USDA-Agricultural Research Service

National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory

1196 Building SOIL

West Lafayette, IN 47907-1196

Phone: 765-494-7748 Fax: 765-494-5948




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Two Conferences with Attendee Crossover Registration Privileges


Soil Erosion Research for the 21st Century Intl. Symposium on Preferential Flow


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Symposium Chair - Dennis Flanagan Symposium Chair - Adel Shirmohammadi

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