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  Contents of Volume III
Technology and Method of Soil and Water Conservation

Soil Conservation and Sustainable Management of Sloping Agricultural Lands in China

Tang Ya, Sun Hui, Xie Jiasui and
Chen Jianzhong


Categorization of SWC Technologies and Approaches - A Global Need ?

H.P. Liniger, Dennis Cahill, Will Critchley,
Donald Thomas, G.W.J. Van Lynden and
Gudrun Schwilch


Research on Alley Cropping Technology on Sloping Land of Guizhou Province

Yin Dixin , Tang Huabing , Zhu Qing ,
Li Yurong , Li Dengmei  and Lian Dachao


Discussion on the Coordinative Functions of Seabuckthorn in the Sustainable Use of Water and Land Resources in Soft Rock Area

Bi Cifen ,Tai Yuanlin, Wang Fugui  and 
Wu Zhe


Agroforestry Technology to Bridge Divergent between Farmer Production Goal and Government Environmental Goal

Tarigan, Suria Darma


The Role of Surface Sealing and Crusting in Soil Erosion

Kertész, á., Csepinszky, B. and Jakab, G.


A Review on AI and ES in Soil and Water Conservation of China

Rao Liangyi and An Baoli


Conserving Soil and Water with Sustainable Cropping Systems:Research in the Semiarid Canadian Prairies

Y.T. Gan, R.P. Zentner , C.A. Campbell ,
V.O. Biederbeck , F. Selles  and R. Lemke


Reducing Concentrated Flow Erosion in Arable Fields by Double Sowing of Small Grains

Gyssels G., Poesen J.and Goversl G.


Carbon Sequestration – A Powerful Incentive in Combating Land Degradation and Desertification

Andrés Arnalds


Probe to Integrated Soil Conservation Techniques for Soil Erosion Prevention in Soft Rock Area

Bi Cifen ,  Tai Yuanlin, Wang Fugui,
Qiao Wanglin , Li Gui and Hu Cunsheng


Composting for Soil Improvement in the United Kingdom

Arnie Rainbow and F. N. Wilson


A Study on Conservation of Millet Fields in the Southwestern Niger, West Africa

Nagano Takanori, Horino Haruhiko and
Mitsuno Toru


Mulched Rip Lines Stop Soil Erosion under Annual Cropping on Steep Slopes

Bill Cotching


TAPPSC: An Effective Method of Soil and Water Conservation during the Process of Reforestation?

Pan Kaiwen, Zhang Yongmei ,
Chen Qingheng and Liu Zhaoguang


Soil and Water Conserving Ability of Shola Forests: A Case Study from Wayanad Forest Division, Kerala

Thomas P Thomas  and S. Sankar


Indigenous Techniques of Soil and Water Conservation in North Eastern Region of India

P. P. Dabral


Crop Residue Management to Conserve Soil, Water and Nutrients for Sustainable Production in the Vertisols of Semi-Arid Tropics of South India

Nalatwadmath  S.K, Patil  S.L, 
Rama Mohan Rao  M.S. and 
Adhikari R.N


Conservation of Soil Productivity through Adoption of Soil Bio-Technological Approaches in Indian Arid Zone

A.V. Rao


The Collecting and Storing Flood Runoff Technology in Slopeland

Chen Zhihan , Ran Dachuan, Yan Xiaoling
and Qiu Yubao


Soil Resource Conservation Technology in Himalayan Foothills, India

A.V.Shanwal and H.S. Lohan


Fly Ash and Sewage Sludge Application on an Acid Soil and Their Influence on Some Soil Properties and Wheat Biomass Production

C. D. Tsadilas, V. Samaras, P. Kazai,
and J. Sgouras


Coconut Coir Fibre as an Eco-Friendly Renewable Resource for Soil and Water Conservation

Gordon Francis De Silva


Soil Erosion and Prevention Measures for Orchards in the Hilly Area

Fan Zonggui


Revegetation Techniques :The Ways and Means to Protect, Arrestand Repair Erosion

E. D. Wimble, C.P.E.S.C. and
Pty.  Limited


Erosion Control Using Soil Amendments and Other Low Cost Methods Prior to Establishment of Vegetation

L. Darrell Norton, Kirin Chaudhari and
Dennis Flanagan


The Impact of Tillage Systems and Machinary Traffic on Some Soil Properties and Crop Yield in a Calcic Luvisol of Central Spain

C. López-Fando, M.T. Pardo


A Study on the Soil and Water Conservation Effect of Larix Kaernpferi (Sieb. Et Zucc.) Forest

Zhao Yong , Li Shuren and 
Wu Mingzuo


Sustainable Rehabilitation of Sodic Soils through Biolgical Means-A Case Study



Simulation of Soil CO2 Flux During Plant Residue Decomposition

H. Wang, D. Curtin, B.G. Mcconkey,
and Cai Qiangguo


Buffer-Strip Induced Flow Retardation and Sediment Deposition

H. Ghadiri, C.W. Rose and R.K. Misra


The Benefit and Prospect of No-Till and Cropland Mulch on Water Conservation of Loess Plateau in China

Liang Yinli and Wang Zongming


Aerobic Rice (Han Dao): A New Way of Growing Rice in Water-Short Areas

B.A.M. Bouman , Yang Xiaoguang ,
Wang Huaqi , Wang Zhiming , Zhao Junfang ,
Wang Changgui  and Cheng Bin


Towards a National Assessment of Erosion-Related Soil Carbon Losses in New Zealand

N.A. Trustrum, K.R. Tate,
M.J Page A. Sidorchuk and W.T Baisden


Effect of Gypsum and Polyacrylamide Application on Erodibility of an Acid Kunigami Mahji Soil

Nishimura T.,  Kato  M. and Yamamoto T.


Soil and Water Accumulation by Gravel and Sand Mulches in Western Loess Plateau of Northwest China

Li Xiaoyan, Zhang Ruiling , Gong  Jiadong,
and Xie Zhongkui


The Study of Hilly Loess Lands in Northern of Iran and Applies Soil Conservation Programs to Improve Sustainable Agriculture

Ghorban Ali Roshani


Sustainability of Soil and Vegetation under Community Managed Forests: A Case Study from Southwest Bengal

Tapan Kumar Mishra and Sri Bhagaban Roy


Function and Benefit of Hippophae Rhamnoides L. Improving Eco-Environment of Loess Plateau of China

Ruan Chengjiang and Li Daiqiong


Conservation Tillage and Crop Residue Mulching Rapidly Restored Soil Structure and Microbial Activity on Degraded Maize Fields in the Patzcuaro Watershed (Mexico)

Roldán A., F. Caravaca, M.T. Hernández,
C. García, C. Sánchez-Brito,
M. Velásquez and M.Tisc


Effects of Four-Year Elimination of Human Activities on Sediment Discharge from Devastated Weathered Granite Hills of South China

Akitsu Kimoto , Taro Uchida ,
Takahisa Mizuyama and Li Changhua


Soil Erosion in Southeastern China of Red Soil Area -Causes, Effects and Countermeasures

Zhang Bin , Zepp Harald  and Ju Maosheng


Estimating the Impact of Soil Degradation on Agricultural Production: A Pilot Study in the Venezuelan Andes

Helmar Drost, William C. Mahaney,
Eliézer G.Arias  and Maximiliano Bezada


Response of Drainage Line Treatment of a Ravinous Watershed on Resource Conservation in North -Western India

Shakir Ali, K. D. Singh, S. N. Prasad,
Arjun Prasad, R. K. Singh, S. V. Singh,
A.K. Parandiyal and Ashok Kumar


Analysis on Planning of Slop Cultivated Land Harassment in Yellow River Basin

Tang  Jinhu


Repetitive and Residual Effects of Sewage Sludge Application on Extractability and Plant Uptake of Cu, Zn, Pb and Cd

Majid Afyuni and Rainer  Schulin


The Preliminary Study on Conservation Effects of Different Methods Treated to Orchard Slopes of Red Soil

Chang Hsienming, Dong Wenda,
Li Derong and Liu Shiyu


Application and Economical Importance of Catch Crop in National Circumstances

Apolka Ujj and Csaba Gyuricza


Impacts of Land Use Change on Soil Erosion and Water Quality

S. A. El-Swaify


Experimental Studies on the Effect to Rainfall Infiltration and Vegetation Growth by Use Bulk Subsoil Technology in Loess Plateau

Yang Peiling, Meng Fanqi,  Ren Shumei
and Li Yunkai


Impact of Vetiveria Zizanioides (Vetiver Grass) Live Barriers on Maize Production in Honduras

Hellin, J. and Haigh, M.J.


Assessment of Environmental Impacts Derived of Soil and Water Conservation Practices

Ildefonso Pla Sentís


Changes in the Properties of Light Textured Soils in Relation to Lake Sediment Fertilization

Eugenija Baksiene


A Study on the Water Eco-Physiology of Seabuckthorn in Different Habitats of Loess Plateau

Liang Zongsuo, Wei Yukong ,Han Ruilian
and Yang Jianwei


Influence of High Doses of Farmyard Manure on Enrichment and Transfer of Nutrients on Loess Black Earth

Martin Korschens , Elke Schulz ,
Annett Weigel and Siegfried Knappe


Influence of Soil Type and Fertilization on Accumulation and Stabilization of Organic Carbon in Different Som Fractions

Elke Schulz, Lidya S. Travnikova,
Natalya A. Titova, Boris M. Kogut
and Martin K


Bridging Research and Development in Soil Management: Matching Technical Options with Local Livelihoods

Lu Yuelai, John Mcdonagh,
Onesmus Semalulu, Michael Stocking
and Stanley Nkalubo


Estimated N2O Emissions as Influenced by Agricultural Practices in Canada

Smith, W.N., Desjardins, R.L.,
Grant, B. and Lemke, R.


Water Status and Survival Rate of Seabuckthorn Seedling in Different Wind Speed and Soil Water Content

Han Ruilian , Li Lixia and Liang Zongsuo


Protecting Lowland Soils by Agricultural Practices

L. Mueller, U. Schindler, A. Behrendt
and M. Frielinghaus


Soil Water Status and Water Yield Relationships for Cotton and Maize

Alexiou I., Kotsopoulos S., Kalfountzos D.,
Zerva G. and Vyrlas P.


Utilization of Salt Affected Soils & Poor Quality Waters for Sustainable Biosaline Agriculture in Arid and Semiarid Regions of India

J.C. Dagar and O.S. Tomar


Assessments on the Water Conservation Practices and Wheat Adaptations to the Semiarid and Eroded Environments

Deng Xiping , Shan Lun and
Inanaga Shinobu


Integration of Organic and Inorganic Soil Fertility Improvement Inputs  for Improved Crop Yields in Central Highlands of Kenya

Alfred Micheni, Paul Tuwei,
Jayne Mugwe and Eratus Kiruiro


Conservation Tillage Strategies for Corn Grown in Paddy Fields: Using On-Farm Research for Technology Transfer

Romeo V. Labios,  Leonardo L. Tamisin Jr.
and Jocelyn D. Labios , Cynthia M. Medina, Edicer P. Ocampo Jr., Dennis M. Miciano, Jupiter Tividad and Jasper O. Manalo


Crop Residue Management to Conserve Soil,Water and Nutrients for Sustainable Production in the Vertisols of Semi-Arid Tropics of South India

Nalatwadmath  S.K , Patil S.L, Rama Mohan Rao  M.S. and  Adhikari R.N


The Technologies of Comprehensive Utilization of Terrace Ridges

Liu Zhanxin,  Pan Wenlin and Bao Wenlin


Farming Systems Approaches for Soil and Water Conservation in Semiarid Areas



Analysis of Alternative Fallow Systems for Rice Production in the Savannah Soils of West Africa: A Risk-Efficiency Approach

Augustine S. Langyintuo, 
Emmanuel K. Yiridoe
, Wilson Dogbe and Jess Lowenberg-Deboer


Effect of Sewage Sludge Compost Application on  Ammonium-Nitrogen and Nitrate-Nitrogen Contents of an Olive Grove Soil

Beltrán E. M., Miralles De Imperial R.,  Porcel M.A, Delgado M.M, Beringola M.L., Martin  J.V. and Bigeriego M.


Soil Improvement of Seabuckthorn Plantations and Its Characteristics of the Roots in Loess Plateau

Tu Xiaoning , An Baoli, Wen Xiufeng and
Nie Jing


Growth and Water Resource Utilization of Acacia Crassicarpa, Senna Siamea and Leucaena Pallida Tree Species Established in Rotational Woodlots Agroforestry System in Western Tanzania

Gi Nyadzi, Rm Otsyina and Ck Ong


Alleviating Soil Physical Constraints for Sustainable Crop Production through Tillage, Soil Amendment and Crop Residue Management

V.K. Phogat and S.S. Dahiya


Potential of Pyrolyzed Organic Matter in Soil Amelioration Bruno Glaser

Johannes Lehmann, Christoph Steiner , Thomas Nehls ,  Muhammad Yousaf  and Wolfgang Zech


Studies on the Characteristics Related to Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation of Legumes in Xinjiang Region

Wang Weiwei , Hu Zhenghai, Guan Guilan and Yang Yusuo


Agronomic Practices to Reduce Soil Erosion in Cotton Production Systems in USA

Reddy, Chandra and Nyakatawa, Ermson


Afforestation of Tin Tailings in Malaysia

L.H. Ang and Wm Ho


Meeting Challenge of the Water Shortage: Rainwater Conservation in Land Reclamation Programs

S. K. Gupta


Soil Quality and Plant Succession in Forest Andosols

Arbelo Rodríguez, C.D.,
A. Rodríguez Rodríguez, J.A. Guerra García and J.L. Mora Hernández


Agri- Horticultural and Horti Pastoral Systems for Alternate Land Uses in Drylands of Indian Sub Continent

N.N.Reddy  and H.P.Singh


Layout and Establishment of Grass Hedges for Gully Control

S. Dabney, F. D. Shields, Jr., D. Temple,
A. Collison  and A. Simon


Direct and Residual Effect of Rock Phosphate from Mali on Upland Rice Grown on Acid Soil of the Humid Forest Zone in C?te D’Ivoire

Diatta S. , Kotchi V.  and  Sahrawat K.L.


Beach & Bank Protection Works and Water & Soil Resources Sustainable Development in the Yangtze River Estuary

Ji Yongxing , Liu Shuiqin and Mo Aoquan


Prevention and Control of Mud-Rock Flow in Mine Waste Dump

Fu  Rujie


Soil Redistribution Affected by Tillage in Lower Austrias Farmland

B. Frauenfeld and A. Klik


Drought Proofing and Rain Water Harvesting in a Micro Region: Issues of Access, Efficient Use and Multi-Level Planning

Amita Shah


Check-Dam System in Gullies ― the Most Effective Measure to Conserve Soil and Water in Chinese Loess Plateau

Xu Xiangzhou, Zhang Hongwu, Feng Shunxin, Dong Zhandi and Gan Zhiguo


Digital System of Soil and Water Conservation ―A Case Study of the Three-Gorge Reservoir of Chongqing

Liu Yijun and Zhu Jinzhao


Introduction on Soil Erosion Fighting Test of High-Quality American Forage Grass

Hu Danwen, Zhang Xiebin, Zhao Chunhua and Gao Fapin


Terrace Structure Designing Based on Rainfall Erosivity and Soil Erodibility

Machito Mihara, Janya Sang-Arun and Hisashi Mori


Design of Biological Protection of Side Slope of Roadbed on Luojie Express Highway and Its Implementation

Yang Jianfeng , Wu Qing , Yang Chunxia, Wang Jinrong  and Gao Wei


Ecological Protection for Rocky Side Slope in Excavation

Shu Anping , Cao Wenhong , Kuang Shangfu and Xu Yongnian


Soil and Water Conservation Map of Thailand Using Wocat Methodology

Ard Somrang , Attaya Phinchongsakuldit and Samran Sombatpanit


Hydrological and Hydraulic Parameters for Bio-Engineering Bank Stabilization and Riparian Vegetated Buffer Strips Design

Federico Preti


Controlling Erosion with Polymers

Shainberg I., A.I.Mamedov and G.J.Levy


Thinking and Disposing Measures for Managing Slope Farmland in the Loess Plateau Gullied Hilly Area in Northern Shaanxi

Wang  Zhengqiu


Assessment of the Economic Benefits of Water and Soil Conservation Engineering in North China

Yin Mingwan


Accounting on Ecological Environment Value of Soil and Water Conservation

Li Zhongkui


Analysis on the Economic Benefit and Soil & Water Conservation by Permeating Irrigation for Hilly Orchards

Fan Zonggui, Zhang Guoliang and Lan jianhua


Managing Irrigation of Winter Wheat to Maximise Water Use Efficiency and Net Profit in the North China Plain

Zhang Xiying and Wang Yukun


Soil Phytoparasitic Nematodes Suppression and Changes  of Chemical Properties Determined by Waste Residues from Olive Oil Extraction

Sasanelli Nicola , D. Addabbo Trifone , Convertini Grazia  and Ferri Donato


Olive Wastes Spreading in Southern Italy: Effects on Crops and Soil

D. Ferri, G. Convertini, F. Montemurro,
M. Rinaldi and G. Rana


The Effect on Soil Erosion Control by Seabuckthorn in China

Li Min and Lu Jian


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